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Ai Amano: Base by swizzie
Ai Amano, the main character of Video Girl Ai in her initial attire. It's been so long since I've dolled, and so long since I last tried to pixel shade! Incredible!
Star Girl: Base by Hannah
This girl spreads night to everyone.
Mermaid Dress: Base by Anlina
I had a dream about a beautiful dress and I decided to try and doll it.
Ruby Lapiz: Base by Pinkland
Ruby is the current Knight Errant of Dokal.
Enano: Base by Libby
Enanofairy asked for a doll of himself.
a doll
2060 Girl: Base by Zipple
Myself as I'd be in 2060. Hotinorite?
Aquaryn: Base by If Looks Could Kill
An example doll for my monochrome contest.
Kimono Chick: Base by Dina
base by dina; done for a 'sex appeal videogame girl' contest. sooo half-assed in a lot of ways xD
Blue Shirt and Brown Pants: Base by Libby
an outfit I wore today; little blue peasant cut top and some old brown pants and the belt that went with the brown pants (it's fabric) tied in my hair xD
Hold Tight London: Base by The H Word
After I realized I loved the song Hold Tight London by the Chemical Brothers, I thought I would try to doll the beautiful image in my mind. It's almost accurate in as much as a doll can be accurate. The main images I see are shifting sands and indian saris, so I tried to incorporate them both.
Portrait of Sarah: Base by Oyye
This was kinda a random doll; I just saw the base and was kinda struck by how much it looked like one of my ljfriends, so I had to see if I could bring it to completion.
Ania Sophia: Base by Anlina
base by Anlina. I was dolling an outfit I'd worn today when I reflected on how suitable it was for FF8's Selphie Tilmitt, so she kinda took over the doll. I like the hair
Allie (finals): Base by Hannah
A girl stressed out by final exams
Allie Scarlett: Base by Adrea
Base by Adrea. Me as Miss Scarlett from Clue for Dress Up Ball #26 at The Gathering Forums. She tickles my fancy :}}
Harry and Ginny: Base by Scatron
base by scatron. Book 7 of Harry Potter coming out made me doll HP fanart than I'd dolled. . . ever. Harry and Ginny enjoy a quiet moment in the quiet of the Gryffindor Common Room.
Maurauders & Co.: Base by (you need to copy/paste these links)
Bases by Anlina, Dark Rose, and Hannah. Snivilus looks on in comtempt and envy while Prongs and his lady look upon Padfoot and Wormtail doing their best to humiliate Moony who is thoroughly more turned on than he would admit in usual circumstances.
Lana Amherst1: Base by Libby
Base by Libby. Lana is my entry in a doll pageant that has seemed to hit a low in participation :} Don't tell anyone but I kinda reused the hair from the last doll for this one xD LAZY.
Lana Amherst: Base by Libby
Base by Libby. Lana is my entry in a doll pageant that has seemed to hit a low in participation :}
Ophelia: Base by Bunnystick
Base by Bunnystick. So uh, Hamlet the play was far better than I had imagined. In fact, while I was researching info to write an essay on ophelia's flowers, I ran into a song by J. Englishman named Flowers for Ophelia, and that song inspired this doll.
Shannon Havner2: Base by Room4Squares
Base by room4squares. Shannon's "fancy" attire again. I'm sockin' it to this alpha transparency thing aren't I :}